Service Learning

UW DPT students have the opportunity to volunteer their services through a variety of service learning activities available locally, regionally and internationally. In addition to providing services to those in need, students gain experience in interprofessional collaboration, community education and working with diverse populations.

Local and regional service learning opportunities include:

  • Fall screening and prevention for elderly individuals in the community
  • Pediatric developmental screening and fitness education at the Latina Health Fair in Seattle
  • Collaborating with community clinicians to provide medical support at local marathons
  • Serving the homeless in Seattle’s U-District with University District Street Medicine

Global Rehabilitation Organization at Washington

Students can also take part in service learning through the student organization Global Rehabilitation Organization at Washington, more commonly known as GROW. GROW developed from a shared interest in global health and community outreach among students in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. The goal of the group is to inspire rehabilitation professionals to become more engaged in their communities and play a part in building a better world.

nullSupported by faculty adviser Cheryl Kerfeld, GROW provides resources and opportunities for students to participate in a variety of local and international service learning projects under the supervision of UW faculty and licensed therapists from the community. GROW currently sends students on yearly service learning trips to Peru, Zimbabwe and Guatemala. Locally, GROW members volunteer with activities and groups such as the Falls Prevention Program, the Latina Health Fair and University District Street Medicine.

For more information about GROW, visit the GROW website or email

Department of Rehabilitation Interdisciplinary Student Organization

The Department of Rehabilitation Interdisciplinary Student Organization, known as DRISO, focuses on promoting interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration in rehabilitation through the catalyst of student action. This registered student organization provides opportunities for students in physical therapy, occupational therapy, prosthetics and orthotics, speech and hearing sciences, and rehabilitation science to participate in a variety of activities, including service learning, extracurricular educational programs and social engagement from an interdisciplinary perspective. For more information, visit the DRISO website (UW NetID required).